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Introducing the iconic 1%ER ring


A symbol of rebellion and exclusivity within the biker subculture. This exceptional ring, available in both plane gold and gold with a black face, proudly showcases the distinctive 1%ER emblem, emphasizing the elite status of the 1%ER bikies.

The 1%ER Bikie ring is a powerful statement of individuality and defiance, designed for those who embody the outlaw spirit of the open road. Meticulously crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this ring features a smooth and polished plane gold band that elegantly wraps around your finger, exuding both strength and style.

At the center of this extraordinary ring, a striking black face prominently displays the engraved 1%ER emblem in intricate detail. The emblem represents the select 1% of bikers who embrace the rebel lifestyle and defy societal norms. Its commanding presence against the black background creates a captivating contrast, accentuating the exclusivity and rebellious nature of the wearer.

Crafted with superior craftsmanship and using high-quality materials, the 1%ER Bikie ring is built to withstand the test of time. Its durable construction ensures that it will accompany you on countless rides, becoming an integral part of your biker identity and a symbol of your unwavering commitment to the 1%ER lifestyle.

The choice between plane gold and gold with a black face offers two distinct variations, allowing you to express your style and preference. The plane gold variant exudes an air of timeless elegance and sophistication, while the gold with a black face emphasizes the boldness and rebellious spirit that define the 1%ER bikie culture.

Presented in an elegant jewelry box, the 1%ER Bikie ring is ready to be treasured or gifted to a fellow biker who embraces the exclusive lifestyle. It is a meaningful and impactful gesture, allowing them to proudly display their affiliation and commitment to the 1%ER bikie subculture.

Embrace the spirit of rebellion and exclusivity with the 1%ER Bikie ring. With its sleek design, plane gold brilliance, and bold black face featuring the engraved 1%ER emblem, this ring is a true testament to the defiant, elite, and unwavering spirit that defines the 1%ER bikie lifestyle.



Style: Bikie

 Shape\pattern:  1%ER

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Material: 14K Gold Plated

Item Type: Rings

Gender: Men


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Shmick ring the boys love it will order more

Madge Denesik


Ricardo Batista

mint ring

Víctor Carvalho

Great product my grandfather loved it so many thanks to the seller. Looks nice and is made well 🙏

Bell Kshlerin