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Captivating Promise Bridal Set

Captivating Promise Bridal Set

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Introducing the Captivating Promise Bridal Set


A spellbinding Bridal Set that embodies eternal love and commitment. This exquisite set features a breathtaking three-tier soft square halo adorned with lustrous lab-created stones, creating a captivating brilliance that will leave you breathless.

Prepare to be enchanted as the soft square halo design of the Captivating Promise Bridal Set adds an element of elegance and modernity to this timeless piece. The three tiers of sparkling lab-created stones delicately encircle the central stone, creating a mesmerizing halo effect that draws attention to the stunning beauty of the rings.

Each ring in the Captivating Promise Bridal Set is available in your choice of 14K Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or White Gold, allowing you to select the perfect shade that reflects your personal style and preference. The warmth of 14K Yellow Gold, the romantic allure of Rose Gold, or the timeless elegance of White Gold - the choice is yours to make.

The lab-created stones adorning the Captivating Promise Bridal Set possess a radiant and flawless appearance, resembling the enchantment of natural diamonds. With their exceptional clarity and scintillating brilliance, these stones will capture and reflect light from every angle, creating a dazzling display that will leave onlookers in awe.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the rings in the Captivating Promise Bridal Set are made from top-quality 925 sterling silver, ensuring both durability and beauty. The addition of 14K gold plating in your chosen colour enhances the overall aesthetic, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Perfect for engagements or as a symbol of a promise made, the Captivating Promise Bridal Set is an exquisite expression of love and commitment. These rings are designed to be cherished and treasured, serving as a constant reminder of the profound bond between two hearts.

Presented in an elegant jewellery box, the Captivating Promise Bridal Set is ready to be adored or gifted to that special someone. It is a meaningful gesture, symbolizing the promise of a lifetime together and celebrating the everlasting beauty of your love.

Embrace the enchantment and elegance of the Captivating Promise Bridal Set. With its mesmerizing three-tier soft square halo covered in lustrous lab-created stones, available in 14K Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or White Gold, this set radiates a captivating brilliance that will forever capture your heart.




weight: 10G

Style: Sweet /Romantic

Silver 925 jewellery Rings size: 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13

Rings for Women: Fine Jewellery

Ring set: Bridal 

Metal Type:  solid 925 sterling silver 

Material: 14K yellow gold, rose gold, white gold plated

Gift For: Yourself Love Girlfriend Wife Bride Mom Daughter Female

Fine Jewellery Style: Gemstone wedding engagement rings for women

Certificate Number: F061649202699


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Customer Reviews

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Jacques White


Layla Hirthe

beautiful 😍 🤩 👌

Demarco Lowe

she loves it

Louisa Jacobs

i absolutely love this ring. exactly as beautiful as described. can't love it less.

Nina Miller

Good Quality